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Timothy Blake was on the mound pitching in a game when something went terribly wrong.

Doctors learn to balance their profession and parenthood in the NICU

Baby Neeti spent 117 days in the NICU and exposed her physician parents to a new realm of medicine.
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ACL reconstruction, rehab help athlete return to the field

October 21, 2021
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Months ago, Tyler Woltman was hobbling around on crutches after a knee injury. Today he is back doing what he loves.
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Family faces daughter’s cancer diagnosis, finds treatment close to home

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Kim和Keith Grispo,Plainfield,当他们意识到他们的女儿Hannah,14时,他们意识到某些事情可能是错误的时刻。
Eagle Scout捐赠4

Teen patient gives back to hospital pediatric department

October 14, 2021
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Teenage patients at Edward Hospital have a local scout to thank for a library full of books, journals and activity books.
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Nicu Baby在5天老的手术,现在蓬勃发展“欢乐男孩”

September 30, 2021
Hearing that a pregnancy has complications is deflating for any parent. Finding a medical team that supports you makes all the difference.
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